Pastor Jerry Bryant

(Chairman, Worship City Alliance)

Jerry began in ministry in the spring of 1972 at a “Jesus People” coffee house. The Upper Room was located in Carbondale, Illinois and eventually became the Word Of Life Fellowship church, which he co-pastored. He also graduated with a degree in Radio/TV and Cinema and began producing an early Jesus music radio show, JESUS SOLID ROCK, which was heard on over 100 radio stations from coast to coast. He promoting Christian concerts for 20 years in Southern Illinois. He was asked by Keith Green to join the Last Days Community in Woodland Hills, CA and pastor the community while Keith was on the road and so he moved west.
In 1982 Jerry became a pastor with the Vineyard Christian Fellowship until he retired from the local church pastorate in 2009. Since then he has worked as a Nashville city ambassador with a passion to see the church united through trusted relationships and serving one another. Along with serving as Chairman of Worship City Alliance, he is the Nashville Care-Coordinator Pastor for Artists In Christian Testimony, International., produces the weekly Full Circle Jesus Music radio show, serves as a missionary to South America and Asia and travels as a itinerate teacher and mentor with the Underground Shepherd Ministry and more.
 Pastor Mark Lancaster, One Stone Church

(Co-chairman, Worship City Alliance)

 Pastor Karen Johnson, Olive Tree Connections

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 Pastor Phil Dillingham, Priest Lake Fellowship

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